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Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot
a Fantasy novel by
Ssalia, a young snake girl living on the fantastical planet Pelsatia, is not your ordinary child: at twelve years of age, she is already infamous for getting wrapped up in all sorts of adventures.

But one fateful summer, her greatest journey is about to start: when she meets a friendly dragon and hears about the hidden dragon city of Avienot, nothing can keep her from searching for it, even if she gets into all sorts of trouble along the way...

"It was a hot summer day in southern Asakors; nothing more and nothing less." Thus begins the tale of Ssalia, daughter of Sserena and Talahan, who set out to see dragons. In this first novel set in Tammy Spahn's "Pelsatia" universe, you can accompany her in her search, meet friendly fish and chatty flowers and uncover some of the wonders and secrets of her planet... and who knows, Ssalia's curiosity may change the course of history a lot more than she had intended to! "Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot" is a fantasy adventure that aims to capture the imagination of a children's book in a writing style sure to appeal to a wider audience.

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