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What is Pelsatia?
Pelsatia is a Fantasy world created by indie author Tammy Spahn, based on the idea of a Fantasy setting that does not include humans nor rely too much on the genre's typical conventions. The faraway planet Pelsatia is orbited by two moons and home to all kinds of remarkable flora and fauna. Among all the fantastic beasts inhabiting the six continents, an abundance of sapient species strive to co-exist in peace: from the reptilian ssyrean and goblins of Asakors over dog-like kobolds from the deserts of Irmtaek up to the noble and majestic dragons of Avienot, strange and distinct cultures and civilisations are to be found everywhere, eagerly playing their very own role in shaping their shared planet's future.

Of course, such a world is not without conflict, and many a free-thinking individual may be given the chance to change the fates of many. Regardless of the destination, there's a lot to be discovered along the way, as Pelsatia is full of wonders and magic and stories waiting to be told. And, who knows, maybe even humans can learn a thing or two from them...

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Who is Tammy Spahn?
Tammy Spahn is an up-and-coming indie writer, artist, composer and Furry born in beautiful Frisia who specialises primarily in light and escapist Fantasy books. In her Pelsatia novels, she attempts to capture the charm and imagination of children's fiction in a writing style intended to appeal to wider audiences. She also writes and draws the online comic Tails of Lanschilandia, which has been available in print since 2014.

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