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Gophirith of the Mountains
a Fantasy novel by
The latest adventure in the world of Pelsatia!

The world of Pelsatia is full of wonders and beauty, especially for the young goblins Pon and Tara. When Pon gets the chance to join a guild of explorers, he does not hesitate to follow the invitation. But when goat-headed monsters disrupt his peaceful trip and put him and his friend into grave danger, he begins to have second thoughts. What are these creatures, why do they appear at random, and who is this Gophirith of the Mountains they speak of? An adventure into the unknown begins.

Gophirith of the Mountains is the newest book by indie Fantasy author and comic artist Tammy Spahn, whose world of Pelsatia is the fantastical home to many an alien creature and quirky character. Like its predecessor, Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot, this all-new Pelsatian adventure explores more of this strange planet's wonders and dangers while again striving to entertain with the charm and imagination of a children's book in the style of a young-adult novel. Join Pon and Tara in a family-friendly journey in which they discover their world and may discover more about themselves.

With illustrations by the author. (Illustrations in digital versions are in full colour, print versions contain greyscale illustrations.)
Gophirith of the Mountains is available as a paperback print book and in all ebook formats:

  • Buy the paperback on Lulu (244 pages, free sample):
  • Standard Edition

  • The eBook can be bought at these retailers (not an exclusive list):
  • Smashwords (all common formats, free sample)
  • Apple iTunes (EPUB)
  • Barnes & Noble (EPUB)

  • German Translation / Deutsche Fassung (272 pages):
  • German Standard Edition paperback
  • German eBook (all common formats)
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    Play Gophirith's Mirrors
    The game inspired by the book
    Gophirith's Mirrors is an action-puzzle game loosely based on Gophirith of the Mountains. Help keep the mountains safe by making light beams bounce from mirror to mirror and racking up huge combos!
  • A unique take on "falling block" puzzles with a Pelsatian spin!
  • Two gameplay modes
  • 10 levels of increasing speed to access directly or play in sequence
  • Achieve high scores to earn ranks!

  • Download it here; it's freeware! (ZIP archive, 11 mb)

  • 2013 Tammy Spahn. Contact her!