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WikiPelsatia allows registered users to make use of a personal userspace, which consists of a user page and user talk page. You can access the former by clicking on your username in the top-right corner while logged in and the latter by clicking on the word "Talk" next to it; to access someone else's userspace, look for similar links in their talk page signature or attribution info next to a change.

Your user page acts as a public profile that allows you to share basic information, while your user talk page allows other users to contact you on the wiki (while logged in, you will be notified on the wiki of new messages on your talk page). Keep in mind that all visitors, registered or not, will be able to see your user page and user talk page without limitations, so if you wish certain information to remain private, do not place it on your userspace!

Userspace rights

The lists below provide a reference for what you may and may not use your userspace for. The staff reserves the right to remove infringing material from your user page or user talk page; repeated and deliberate misuse of your userspace may furthermore result in an official reminder, warning or (in severe cases) being blocked from editing the wiki for a certain period of time, so please read this section carefully.

You may:

 + Create a user page to share basic information about yourself, why you joined the wiki, what you are planning to do here, etc. Keep in mind that anyone can view this, so do not share any private information; personal details such as your address should generally not be shared.
 + Upload up to three images for exclusive use on your userpage. (See Help:Images for assistance on how to upload and use images.)
 + Create a custom signature containing formatted letters, numbers and/or special symbols, which links to your user page and user talk; see Help:Talk pages#Signatures.
 + Place a clear, but unobstrusive link to your personal endeavours (such as a website or gallery at an art site) on your user page, as long as it is appropriate for younger readers to see and does not promote illegal activity or contain malware or similar content.
 + Create a personal "sandbox" under User:[your name]/Sandbox (replacing [your name] with your username), which can be used for editing experiments or wiki-related works in progress.
 + Respond to messages on your user talk page as you see fit and use other people's user talk pages to contact them.

You may not:

 - Place inappropriate, offensive, hateful or similar content on your userpage or talk; all rules from WikiPelsatia:Blocking apply to your userspace.
 - Use your userspace as a personal blog. Keep in mind that this wiki is not about its users; unless you recently created it and need to make urgent adjustments, your userpage should not be edited more than once a week. If you wish to operate a blog, you can set one up at a website that specialises in it and link to it from your user page.
 - Use the wiki as an online art gallery, fan fiction archive or similar service by sharing such material directly on your userspace. Please use a more appropriate website instead and place a link to your account or gallery there on your user page.
 - Abuse your userspace for displaying obtrusive, misleading and/or excessive advertising (especially for the endeavours of other individuals or companies) or "spam". Your userspace is not a billboard.
 - Keep more than three personal images. A staff member will notify you if you have exceeded the limit and ask you to tag all but three images for deletion (by placing {{delete}} at the top); if you do not tag any, surplus images will be deleted at random.
 - Add images to a custom signature. These can be very distracting to talk page readers, so please avoid them.
 - Create sub-pages that are not sandboxes or otherwise related to the wiki.
 - Edit the messages other people place on your user talk. Similarly, please do not edit other members' user pages either.
 - Categorise your userspace pages. Categories are reserved for articles and wiki-related pages.