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This page provides an overview of maintenance tasks and article-specific projects. If you have any (wiki-relevant) projects that require the help of other editors and would like to add them here, feel free to place them at the bottom of the Projects section (with the same formatting as existing projects), providing as much information as possible about how users can contribute.

Wiki maintenance

These are simple, on-going tasks. All of the lists below should be empty.

Double redirects Redirects to other redirects should be changed to link directly to the ultimate target page. See Help:Redirects.
Full listing Special:DoubleRedirects/10
Uncategorised pages All pages (excluding user, talk and special pages) should be placed in a category. See Help:Categories.
Full listing Special:UncategorisedPages/10
Dead-end pages Pages that do not link anywhere. Every main space article should contain at least one internal link.
Full listing Special:DeadendPages/10
Orphaned pages Pages that are not being linked to. Every main space article should be linked from somewhere, excluding redirects and disambiguation pages.
Full listing Special:Lonelypages/10


These projects generally deal with creating or improving articles and require more effort than maintenance work.

Wanted pages (general)

Status: On-going
Started by: User:Vellidragon

Pages that are linked to but do not yet exist should in most cases be created; see Help:Getting Started. Before creating any of these, please verify that they make sense on this wiki and the red link is not caused by a spelling error or similar mistake.

A full listing can be found at Special:WantedPages.

De-stub (general)

Status: On-going
Started by: User:Vellidragon

Short and incomplete pages should be expanded to include more information. Please note that not all short pages are stubs; if an article cannot be expanded with more information relevant to its topic, it is complete.

See Category:Stubs. Stubs that require special attention can be placed in a list above.