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Name Varesha
Species Dragon
Gender Female
Home Avienot
Family Unknown
Appears in...

Varesha is a dragoness who appears as a minor character in Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot.


Varesha is a soldier in the army of Avienot. She is described as a dragoness with grey scales, clad in shining red armour made of steel, the same kind worn by the Avienotian palace guards.[1] Her name is revealed by Sir Harak'eth after he knocks her out in Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot, but no other details are known about her.

Role in Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot

In the book Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot, Varesha appears mainly in Chapter 10 - An Early Parting, but makes a brief appearance in Chapter 12 - The Aftermath as well. During the battle at the port of Sserendon, Varesha smashes a crate full of seafood that Ssalia is hiding in with one of her claws. Having discovered the ssyrean, she subsequently prepares to strike at her, but hesitates (as Ssalia assumes, either out of mercy or due to the stench of raw fish). Sir Harak'eth proceeds to knock her out with a loose plank to save Ssalia, apologising to the dragoness as he does so.[1] By the time the battle has ended and the ssyrean soldiers are leaving, she is reported to have woken up from unconsciousness and knocked Harak'eth on the head to get back at him for what he did to her.[2]


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