Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot

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Cover art
Author Tammy Spahn
First release 19 Dec 2012
Pages 310 (paperback)
ISBN(s) 9781300545866 (paperback)
9781300548768 (Lulu ebook)
9781301420827 (SmashWords)
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Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot is a Fantasy novel by Tammy Spahn and the first book to be set in the world of Pelsatia. It tells the tale of Ssalia, a young ssyrean girl from Kerem, Sserendon, who sets out on a journey to the dragon city of Avienot after meeting the dragon Harak'eth. Along the way, she finds herself in numerous dangerous or peculiar situations as she explores the southern parts of the continent Gyvna and encounters its various creatures and personages.

The book was first released on 19 December 2012 as a paperback edition published through the self publishing website Lulu, shortly followed by an eBook (ePub) release through the same site on 20 December 2012. Another eBook edition was released on 21 February 2012 through Smashwords; this version exists in more eBook formats and corrects a few minor typographical mistakes found in the original release.


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  • The book's cover art depicts a painting of Harak'eth and Ssalia, presumably located in the jade tower (in line with the other paintings related to events occurring on Gyvna situated there), though no such picture is mentioned to exist at any point of the book.