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Welcome to WikiPelsatia! This page is intended to explain the basic procedures of exploring and editing the wiki.

Viewing pages

Basic browsing

Like most wikis, WikiPelsatia provides you with four main methods of finding information:

  1. Direct lookup: Enter a term into the Search box above and clicking "Go" (or press enter) to attempt to navigate directly to a page with the title you entered.
  2. Searching: Enter a keyword into the box and click "Search'" to search for the term in page titles and/or bodies (this will be called automatically if the "Go" function cannot find the requested page).
  3. Internal links: Click an internal link on any page to reach the page or article in question (example: Varesha).
  4. Categories: Click on one of the category names at the bottom of a page or article to browse its contents.


The menu on the left (below the WikiPelsatia logo) provides you with helpful links to parts of the site:

  • Main page: Takes you to the wiki's main/home page, displaying information such as news.
  • Tasks: Lets you view current and ongoing tasks that need to be taken care of.
  • Recent changes: Provides an overview of all edits recently made to pages and articles (including userspace edits).
  • Random page: Takes you to a random article on the wiki.
  • Help: Brings up the help contents.
  • Toolbox: Contains the following elements:
    • What links here: A list of pages that link to the one you are viewing.
    • Related changes: Recent changes linked to the currrent page.
    • Special pages: All the "special pages" on the wiki, such as various lists of pages or changes, as well as user options.
    • Printable version: Opens a printable version of the page (no special formatting)
    • Permanent link: A permanent link to the current revision, no matter what changes are made to the page.

Editing pages

Making changes

Most pages (excluding "Special:" pages and protected or otherwise restricted pages) can be edited by any registered and logged in user. In order to do so, browse to the page you wish to edit and click the "Edit" tab at the top. After making your changes, click "Show preview" at the bottom to confirm that everyone looks like it should and save the changes by clicking "Save page". That's all there is to it!

Before saving your changes, you may also enter an optional Summary into the appropriate field, which will be visible to all visitors viewing the edit and can be used to explain the changes you have made. You may also mark your edit as minor by checking the box next to This is a minor edit; if you are making an insignificant change such as fixing spelling, grammar or formatting, please always check this box!

For more help on editing pages, see the help index. Please be sure to read the style guide before editing articles!

Viewing changes

In order to view a list of all revisions of a particular page, including their summary (where available) and author, click the "View history" tab at the top. You can also explore changes via the Recent changes page or similar special pages. This allows you to compare multiple versions of a page or simply view older ones.

Creating pages

If an article would fall under the wiki's coverage but does not exist yet, you may create it. Creating pages is as easy as editing them! As on other wikis, there are two ways of creating a page on WikiPelsatia:

  1. Enter the name of the page or article you wish to create into the Search box and click "Go". If no page with that title exists, the wiki will suggest that you "Create the page "[red link]" on this wiki!"; simply click the red link it provides in order to do so.
  2. Find a red link in an article (or on a special page such as the list of wanted pages) and click it to create the target page. This method usually ensures that the page in question makes sense to create on this wiki and provides you with an ideal title for it.

Note that pages are not actually created until you save your edit after following the instructions above; remember to click the "Save changes" button (after carefully previewing the page) or your work will be lost!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible that a page you are looking to create already exists, but under a different title; please make sure that this is not the case before starting a page so not to create a duplicate.