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03 Jul 2018 Summer Sale/Giveaway
It's the Smashwords Summer Sale and once again, all Pelsatia ebooks are free. Head on over to Smashwords and use the code


on any of my books when you "purchase" them. The sale lasts for the whole month of July and lots of other indie books are discounted, so have a look around!
30 Dec 2017 End-of-Year Free Stuff
All Pelsatia ebooks are participating in the Smashwords end-of-year sale! This comes a bit late as an announcement (sorry!) but there's still a chance to get them all for free until the new year starts. Simply head on over to Smashwords and use the code


on any of my books. Enjoy, and I hope everyone has a happy new year!
24 Nov 2017 Free Book Friday!
It's Black Friday so I suppose I should have a sale, but I'm giving them away for free instead! Go to my ebook listing on Smashwords and get the books for $0 with the following coupon codes:

HE52X  for Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot
QH89Z  for Gophirith of the Mountains (English)
KA58E  for Gophirith von den Bergen (German)

The coupons expire after Cyber Monday. All my print books on Lulu have also been discounted as much as possible. Have fun with these!
01 Jul 2017 2017 Smashwords Summer Sale
It's that time of the year again - Smashwords is having their summer sale of ebooks, and all of mine are discounted or free this month. Enter the following codes at checkout:

SW100  to get Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot for free
SSW75  to get Gophirith of the Mountains (English or German) for 99 cents

Enjoy! :)
24 Dec 2016 2016 Christmas Give-away!
'Tis the season of gifts, so all my ebooks are free on Smashwords for a limited time! Use these coupons before the year is over:

HE52X for Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot
QH89Z for Gophirith of the Mountains
KA58E for Gophirith von den Bergen (German)

Hope everyone is having pleasant holidays!
25 Nov 2016 2016 Black Friday Sale
It's that time of the year again! Pelsatia books are discounted through Cyber Monday in all formats and editions. Get the ebooks for less at SmashWords with these codes:

HE52X to get Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot for free
EP63G to get Gophirith of the Mountains for 99 cents
HP43B to get Gophirith von den Bergen (German) for 99 cents

Or stop by the Lulu store for the paperback print editions, which are all heavily discounted (no coupon needed). Enjoy!
01 Jul 2016 Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale
All Pelsatia ebooks are participating in the Summer/Winter sale on Smashwords, lasting the entire month of July! Enter the following codes at checkout:

SFREE  to get Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot for free
SSW75  to get Gophirith of Mountains for 99 cents

The code for Gophirith works for both languages of the book. Enjoy! :)
25 Dec 2015 Free ebooks for Christmas!
Santa Claus brings coupons to get Gophirith of the Mountains in ebook form for free on Smashwords until the end of the year, both in German and in English. Just use these at checkout on the Smashwords site:

QH89Z  for the English edition
KA58E  for the German translation

Happy Holidays, everyone!
26 Nov 2015 Gophirith ebook in German
Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it today! The German translation of Gophirith of the Mountains, Gophirith von den Bergen, is now available in ebook form just like the English version - check it out. A value edition print version is also available on Lulu now, which comes at a cheaper price in exchange for lower quality printing.

In other news, in light of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, all print versions in my Lulu store will be heavily discounted until Tuesday. 2015 may be a good year to gift an indie book for Christmas. ;)
15 Nov 2015 Birthday Discounts!
It's my birthday so my ebooks are discounted/free on Smashwords for a while! The coupons are the same ones as for last year's Black Friday sale, which have been reactivated:

HE52X to get the Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot Smashwords eBook for free
EP63G to get the Gophirith of the Mountains Smashwords eBook for 99 cents

They'll be valid until 25. November, so hurry and grab them!
18 Sep 2015 Gophirith Now Available in German
Good news for German speakers: Gophirith of the Mountains has been translated into German! So far, it's available as a standard paperback edition; a value edition and ebook version will follow. The book includes the brightened illustrations from the revised edition and brand new cover art unique to this version; check it out, even if you don't speak the language! There's a huge discount on it right now (the price is as low as it can go) which is promotional and won't be there forever. Click here to view/buy it on Lulu!

Gute Neuigkeiten für deutschsprachige Fans: Gophirith of the Mountains ist nun als "Gophirith von den Bergen" auf Deutsch erhältlich! Das Buch ist bisher als deutsche Erstausgabe im amerikanischen Taschenbuchformat (US Trade Paperback: 6x9 Zoll) erschienen; eine preisreduzierte "Value Edition" sowie eBook Ausgabe werden später folgen. Neben den kontrastreicheren Illustrationen der englischen Neubearbeitung verfügt diese Ausgabe über einen neugestalteten Einband, der sich von der englischen Version unterscheidet. Der Preis ist im Moment stark reduziert, was nicht lange so bleiben wird. Hier klicken, um Gophirith von den Bergen auf Lulu zu betrachten und zu kaufen!
07 Sep 2015 Revisiting the Mountains
As promised, Gophirith of the Mountains is back as a revised Second Edition! The same classic tale has been edited to fix typographical errors and finally bring it to the level of quality it deserves. Additionally, the print version now features brighter, clearer illustrations. It's also cheaper than the first edition was (less than $10 on Lulu!), so now's the time to get your copy of this exciting adventure with goats 'n' goblins.

The links remain the same; check the book's page for where to buy it. As before, it comes in high-quality print, value print and ebook versions.

IMPORTANT: Owners of the Smashwords ebook version can download the revised edition completely free on the book's Smashwords page; no need to buy a new copy.
14 Aug 2015
Gophirith Temporarily Retired
Gophirith of the Mountains, the second adventure in Pelsatia, is temporarily unavailable in print while the book is being revised for purely typographical reasons. To explain my sudden decision, the proofreading job I did on the first edition is absolutely unacceptable by my standards and I'm of the opinion that what I feel is a good book should not be mangled by bad editing. I profusely apologise for any inconveniences and guarantee that the book will be back in store as soon as the errors have been corrected, which should happen within the next month.

The ebook version continues to be available at this time, as customers should be able to download all future revisions of the book without paying for it a second time, unlike anyone who may purchase a flawed print edition.

Please stay tuned and keep checking back or subscribe to Tammy Spahn on Twitter to be notified when the book has been updated. I am deeply sorry for the typographical errors that were made in editing and hope to provide a revision soon that lives up to the quality of the content.
05 Jun 2015
More "Stuff"
A couple more links have been added to the Stuff page, including a few helpful resources for writers. Head on over and take a look, there may be something interesting! If you would like to exchange links or promote your Fantasy book here, please contact me.
04 Feb 2015 A small look at Pelsatia
I have added a little overview of some of Pelsatia's many locations and creatures that can also be accessed from the largely rewritten "About" page. Check it out for a small taste of Pelsatian goodness! It comes with helpful listings of what stories and books will tell you more about each element, so if something interests you, don't forget to take a look at those as well.
28 Nov 2014 Black Friday sales!
Hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving! Pelsatia books are discounted today in all formats and editions. You can get the ebooks for less here (coupons valid until 2 December):

HE52X to get the Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot Smashwords eBook for free
EP63G to get the Gophirith of the Mountains Smashwords eBook for 99 cents

Or head over to Tammy Spahn's spotlight store on Lulu where all the paperback print editions - both value (less expensive, lower quality) and standard - are discounted by the largest percentage possible; no coupons needed. Enjoy and be sure to grab them before 2 December!
09 Aug 2014 Get Ssalia for less, too!
Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot joins Lulu's value line. If you've always wanted to own the print version but don't want to pay the full price, take a look! As with other value books, the printing quality is slightly lower, but the price is a lot lower; it's almost cut in half here. Check it out! I have also taken the opportunity to fix a few very minor typographical mistakes that were already fixed in the eBook version, but persisted in print. As with Gophirith, for the highest possible printing quality, the standard edition still exists and is recommended!
01 Aug 2014 Gophirith of the Mountains value edition
Gophirith of the Mountains is now available as part of Lulu's value line! It's a less expensive alternative to the standard edition of the book, but quality may be slightly lower due to differences in paper type and printing technology. Check it out here! For the highest possible quality, the standard edition still exists and is recommended.
03 Mar 2014 "Read an Ebook Week" Discounts!
I'm a tad late with this, but both Pelsatia books have now been enrolled in Smashwords's "Read an Ebook Week" promotion! Same discounts as last time, different coupons:

RW100 to get the Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot Smashwords eBook for free
REW75 to get the Gophirith of the Mountains Smashwords eBook for 99 cents

24 Dec 2013 We Wish You a Merry Christmas...
...and a happy December where it doesn't apply! To celebrate, I'm giving away any-format eBooks of Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot for FREE and Gophirith of the Mountains at a 75% discount (leaving it at 99 cents) until 27 December 2013. To get them, simply enter the following coupons at checkout on Smashwords:

UP72D to get the Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot Smashwords eBook for free
NF52F to get the Gophirith of the Mountains Smashwords eBook for 99 cents

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Pelsatia! May your days be full of magic!
12 Dec 2013 Gophirith eBook is out now!
Hurra! The eBook version of Gophirith of the Mountains has finally gone live! You can find it on Smashwords here, or just look for it at other eBook stores; it should have popped up at Smashwords's distribution partners as well. The eBook is currently the only way to see the illustrations in colour, so be sure to check it out! To celebrate the launch, I am also giving away eBook copies of Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot, another adventure on Pelsatia, for FREE until 14 Dec 2013; simply go to its Smashwords listing and use the coupon BK73L at checkout, it functions as a 100% discount. Hope you enjoy this new trip to Pelsatia, and try not to get lost on your journey!
09 Dec 2013 Gophirith is OUT in print
Yup, you read right! You finally get to join Pon and Tara on an all-new adventure in Pelsatia! Gophirith of the Mountains has just been published as a paperback, a few days in advance of the eBook release so it could still arrive in time for Christmas! And here it is, on Lulu. It's eventually going to be on other retailers, but it's on Lulu now, so what are you waiting for? ;3 It's got a custom book spine and print versions of my illustrations (albeit in greyscale so printing doesn't cost a fortune!). The eBook will be here on the 12th of December!
25 Nov 2013 Pre-orders, Chapter II
Pre-orders are up at iTunes/iBooks! Find the book here. I was confused why it got sorted into "Children's Fiction" until I realised that the store has no seperate section for young-adult novel. Don't let it confuse you; the book is still young-adult Fantasy. Only Kobo has yet to add pre-orders now; the suspense is growing!
24 Nov 2013 Gophirith's Mirrors
Aaaaand here's the surprise! Gophirith's Mirrors, an action-puzzle game based on Gophirith of the Mountains, is out now! It's freeware and you can find it on the book's info page (more info is on the page and in the game's README.txt). Enjoy, and please don't forget to share it if you like it :3
19 Nov 2013 Pre-orders, Chapter I
Pre-orders for the NOOK (EPUB) version of Gophirith of the Mountains appear to be ready on Barnes & Noble; unfortunately, it seems to have very little information on the book itself as of writing this, but that should not be an issue when its entry in Pelsatia's books section covers it more extensively. I have not yet been able to locate it in the Apple or Kobo stores, but it should be popping up there eventually if Smashwords is to be believed (please keep in mind that Pelsatia is not affiliated with retailers). 23 days left until the launch (and be ready for a small surprise before that)!
15 Nov 2013 Free Sample of the Mountains
Pre-orders for Gophirith of the Mountains have been set up! Unfortunately, as of posting this, it has not yet reached retailers (Apple, Barnes & Noble and/or Kobo), so you may have to wait a bit longer to order it. In the meantime, check out the Smashwords listing to download a free sample! The sample covers the first 18% of the ebook. The full thing is set for release on 12. December (2013, of course); don't miss it!
6 Nov 2013 Gophirith of the Mountains Info Page
Pre-orders for Gophirith of the Mountains will probably be up this month, so the book now has its own info page! Check it out for some new information on it, and don't forget to follow Tammy Spahn's blog and/or Twitter account to be notified when the book is available.
14 Sep 2013 Book Section Redesign
In preparation for Gophirith of the Mountains, the Books section on this website has been redesigned into an overview table with quick links to where to buy the book(s). The detailed info page on Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot can now be found by clicking "Read more & watch Trailer" as the end of its description (a direct link is here). A release date for Gophirith of the Mountains is not known yet, but keep checking Tammy Spahn's blog and Twitter for any updates on it.
13 Jul 2013 Next Pelsatia Book Revealed
Tammy Spahn has revealed a sketch for her next Fantasy book, as well as its title, on her Tumblr. View the post here!
23 May 2013 Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot Trailer
An official trailer for Ssalia and the Dragons of Avienot is now online, featuring music and art by the author. You can watch it here! :3
29 Mar 2013 WikiPelsatia Opens its Doors
It took a while to set up, but Pelsatia now has its very own wiki that anyone can contribute to! It is still in its very early stages as of writing this, but most of the basic content is there, and you can help it grow. If you're interested, check it out here!
15 Mar 2013 Welcome to Pelsatia!
Welcome to the official online home of indie author Tammy Spahn's fantasy books! There isn't much here at the moment, but now that you stumbled upon this site, be sure to take a look around anyway. If you're wondering what all the hubbub is about, you may wish to start on the About page to discover more about Pelsatia and its creator or, if you're impatient, head right on over to the Books section for an overview of the books currently released (only one as of writing this); information on where to purchase them (in paperback or eBook form) can also be found there.

Have fun and enjoy your stay! ;3

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